Prime School's offers a flexible curriculum with integrated assessment for 16-18 year olds

AICE- Advanced

AICE is an international diploma from the University of Cambridge recognized by the best national and international universities. The courses of the AICE program are given in grade ( 11 and 12). 

During the 11th and 12th, students will undertake AICE classes. The curriculum is designed to follow on from IGCSE, giving an integrated four-year curriculum.

The AICE Diploma itself is designed to be a Two year program made up with AS/ A Level courses. AS/ A Level exams are currently being offered in over 100 countries. The goal is the work towards the AICE Diploma.

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AICE Diploma Requirements

In order to achieve an AICE Diploma students must satisfy the following:

1. Six credits to include one exam from each of the 3 subject groups

  • Math & Sciences
  • Languages
  • Art & Humanities       

2. Students must take at least 6 credits from AS subjects (1 credit) or A level subjects (2 credits):

  • Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level exams =  1 credit
  • Advanced (A) Level exams =  2 credits

3. Students who complete 6 AICE credits can achieve the AICE Diploma.

AICE Three Areas of Study

       Students must take at least one class from each of the 3 subject groups, the class choice is up to them. The remaining classes can be made up from any combination the student chooses.

Flexibility in scheduling

One of the fantastic benefits of the AICE program is that there is a great deal of flexibility in the choice of classes. Students can chose which classes they take (hopefully ones that they enjoy and are successful in) and still receive the AICE Diploma.  Motivated, enthusiastic students who are studying subjects that they enjoy are far more likely to be successful!!  The freedom to choose classes allows students to create an individually tailored AICE Diploma.  The AICE Diploma requires the study of subject matter taken from three areas of the curriculum. The three great areas are:

  • (Group A) Mathematics and Sciences: Biology, Marine Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, ICT; Thinking Skills and Global Perspectives;
  • (Group B) Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French;
  • (Group C) Social Sciences: Art, Geography,  Economics, Business Studies,  International History,  Art and Design, Law, Tourism, Thinking Skills.
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Prime School 学校 网络提供 先进的国际教育证书 -AICE .此证书 由 剑桥大学国际考试提供.这个文凭课程允许受试者可以灵活的选择科目.从而根据世界上任何一所大学的要求进入大学.
AICE 文凭 ,相当于葡萄牙的高中文凭,西班牙的一般高中文凭,一般高中的国际文凭,德国的Abitur文凭,法国的高中毕业会考等等.
AICE 文凭,满足大多数大学入学考试的要求.
葡萄牙第779/98法律完成了AICE文凭的解释说明:在高中AICE 文凭可能获得多个金融奖学金的可能性.
Prime School 授课课程有三种语言:葡萄牙语,英语和西班牙语.
Prime School 课程 从幼儿园到继续通过高中教育 保证了 语言的自然而成 并且提供多元文化教育.